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Animal Bedding

Pine Products Inc. strives to produce the highest quality wood shavings. Customer satisfaction, consistency and quality are the main focus at Pine Products. Our team is constantly checking the quality of products to make sure customers get what they want. Bagged wood shavings can be picked up at our Bemidji facility or shipped to your store, farm, ranch or business. Pine Products produces a premium quality product which is low in dust and very absorbent; free of bacteria, nails and all foreign objects. Bulk wood shavings are delivery only throughout Minnesota.

Bagged Shavings

Pine Products Inc. is all about quality and customer satisfaction. We make sure to provide the best pine wood shavings. The team at Pine Products has built a business over the past 20 years by producing quality products and building long lasting customer relationships. Several types of wood shavings are available in bags. All of our bags are 100% Natural Pine and low in dust. Pine Products bagged wood shavings are palletized, shrink wrapped and available in semi load quantities. Call or email for pricing.
small flake bagged shavings
Small Flake:
Small Flake shavings have a particle size for quickest absorption. They have an average weight of 40+ lbs per bag and are 3.0 cubic feet, 45 bags/pallet, 990/full load. This product works great for: stables, dairy and livestock trailers. Picks and cleans easy.
medium flake bagged shavings
Medium Flake:
Medium Flake shavings are great for quick and long lasting absorption. These bags have an average weight of 37-39 lbs per bag and are 3.0 cubic feet, 45 bags/pallet, 990/full load. This product works great for: stables, cattle-dairy, poultry and hogs.

Bulk Bedding

small flake bagged shavings
Premium Stable Bedding:
A blend of shavings and ground material with our lowest dust levels. Can be ordered with either all shavings or all ground material for your own special mix.
medium flake bagged shavings
Premium Dairy Bedding:
The Premium Dairy bedding typically contains 50% shavings and 50% ground material. Loads can be blended with more or less of certain products if preferred.
small flake bagged shavings
Economy Dairy Bedding:
This product is more preferred by dairy customers versus the Premium. It’s blended for quick and long lasting absorbency with the best value per dollar


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Pine Products delivers bagged wood shavings throughout Minnesota. Bulk deliveries are MN only.

Please call or E-mail for delivery costs.


Pine Products, Inc. has two locations: Waconia, MN and Bemidji, MN.
Bemidji location is wholesale.
Bemidji customers: Please call the Waconia office.

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